We respect both nature and people.

Our commitment translates into concrete actions of Environmental Management, Partnerships with Associations supporting people and the territory.


Our work takes place within an area of ​​uncontaminated nature, pure air and protected from polluting sources where integration between man and the protection of the natural environment is guaranteed. To protect these characteristics, the bottling plant has adopted an Environmental Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard. We work every day in respect of the environment by protecting natural resources, which is why we adopt a water collection system that maintains a balance with the surrounding environment and nature.


We have partnered with SSF - SPORT SENZA FRONTIERE Onlus - which takes care of children from socio-economic contexts, but also children in conditions of psycho-social isolation, with programs and initiatives that through sport have made the Onlus a a real laboratory of social inclusion.

Acqua Frasassi not only reaffirms its affinity with the sport of which it shares ideals and values, such as passion, dedication and tenacity in pursuing its goals, fair competition and team spirit, but also has the opportunity to be close with its support to families in financial difficulty who cannot afford recreational and sporting activities for their children.

The company participates with its water in the JOY Summer Camp project, a camp program with which the non-profit organization offers children the opportunity to experience a meaningful experience of friendship, inclusion, sports and laboratory activities, as well as psychological counseling.

Furthermore, Acqua Frasassi is constantly at the side of local, cultural, social and sports associations, with which it shares a great roots with its land and with which it undertakes to always accept new challenges, to innovate and at the same time protect the heritage of local traditions.