We are committed to reducing consumption throughout our entire production chain.

Our commitment translates into the adoption of tools capable of measuring and monitoring the actual dedication to sustainability.


For this reason, in 2019 the company decided to obtain the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, a voluntary certification, with a complex process, which certifies how virtuous the company has been to date by implementing some energy efficiency initiatives and of consumption and how the company moves with a view to improvement. To support this protection project we have created a team of professionals who are experts in studies and research aimed at identifying good environmental sustainability practices, such as:

1. energy saving with the use of renewable sources and energy efficiency;

2. study of the certified life cycle in compliance with international standards;

3. start of the project reduce PET in circulation.

Already from the first results we have obtained an improvement in the production cycle of the Frasassi plant, which has allowed us to reduce consumption from the first year.

For every liter of bottled water we were able to reduce

- the emission of greenhouse gases;

- primary energy consumption;

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report presented in 2022 is a strategic governance tool, as well as continuous improvement, aimed at raising the quality of life of the people who work inside and outside the company, whether these are primary or secondary stakeholders. of the group. Through continuous updating and the formulation of more effective and improving ideas and practices from a sustainable perspective, we try to improve the group's strategic processes, guiding them towards greater economic, social and environmental effectiveness and efficiency.

Sustainable development from an environmental point of view, capable of preserving ecological balances and fighting climate change. From a social point of view, to guarantee human rights and strengthen the values ​​of solidarity and inclusion. From an economic point of view, moreover, thanks to companies that care not only the necessary production and financial results, but also the well-being of the communities and environmental protection.

More than ever, in such a difficult period, it is necessary to remember how much one's behavior can contribute to the common good.

Acqua Frasassi tries to work in this direction every day. With concrete facts, as shown by the data reported in this report. A commitment consistent with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and with the European Union's Green Deal.