Acqua Frasassi per i bambini

Water for Growing Children

Water for children1

L'importanza dell'acqua

un vero e proprio nutriente essenziale
Water for children2

Water is vital: a real essential nutrient (as stated by the Decalogue of Good Hydration of the SIPPS (Società Italiana di Pediatria Preventiva e Sociale) (Italian Association of Preventative Pediatric and Social Medicine) that must be part of a correct diet, even for children. In the first few months of life, newborns do not need any other liquids other than milk, which is made up of about 90% water, be it either breast milk or formula. When the time comes to make the switch to baby food, one needs to be careful to integrate a well-balanced water, both for drinking and food preparation.

The quantity of water needed
è difficile dirlo a priori, bisogna tenere conto di tanti parametri, dalle variazioni individuali al clima, al tipo di alimentazione, e soprattutto affidarsi ai consigli di esperti. Per aiutare i genitori, che spesso si domandano se fanno bene oppure no (sappiamo che il genitore è il mestiere più difficile al mondo), entra in aiuto la Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana (SINU) che nel 2014 ha proposto dei LARN (Livelli di Assunzione di Riferimento di Nutrienti) per l’acqua.

In una sezione da indicazione di quanta acqua andrebbe assunta ogni giorno, suddivisa per fasce d’età, considerando che queste quantità comprendono l’acqua presente negli alimenti.

Età Maschio Femmina
6-12 mesi 800 ml 800 ml
1-3 anni 1200 ml 1200 ml
4-6 anni 1600 ml 1600 ml
7-10 anni 1800 ml 1800 ml
11-14 anni 2100 ml 1900 ml
15-17 anni 2500 ml 2000 ml
Water for children4

Little “Tricks” to Make Kids Drink More

If a child doesn’t drink and refuses water, there are a few tricks to get them to drink: a colored glass, a straw, a grown-up cup. You can play hide-and-seek with the glasses, play role-playing games with stuffed animals and dolls… all you need is a touch of imagination to help them start drinking more. Try to incorporate play and imitating grown-ups into their daily hydration.

Water and Children’s Sports

Sports represent a fundamental part in the life of a growing child. In fact, it can be practiced starting from 3 years of age, in favor of a balanced and harmonious body, skeletal, muscle and joint development in children. According to the Decalogue of Good Hydration of SIPPS (Società Italiana di Pediatria Preventiva e Sociale) (Italian Association of Preventative Pediatric and Social Medicine) for the proper hydration of a child practicing sports, it is recommended that they drink before, during and after:

  • Before: pre-hydration before beginning the sport equal to 90-180 ml (if they weigh less than 40 kg) or 180-360 ml (if they weigh over 40 kg);
  • During: drinking at least 150-240 ml every 20 minutes throughout the activity;
  • After: post-activity hydration
Important: keep your child’s hydration under control and for any advice consult your family pediatrician.

Water for children5