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Water for the sport1

The importance of hydration

According to scientific studies also published by the Italian Ministry of Health, water is the main constituent of the human body and accounts for about 60% of body weight in adult males, from 50 to 55% in females and up to 75% in a newborn.
Water for the sport2

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ascertained a cause and effect relationship between the daily water intake and the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions. The document considers that a loss of body water equal to approximately 1% is normally compensated within 24 hours and that the absence of such compensation and the further increase in body water loss compromise physical and cognitive functions. It is also clear that water plays a particularly important role in thermoregulation. In sporting activity, therefore, hydration must be kept under control, carefully.

Hydration in sport
The American College of Sport Medicine, one of the world's most authoritative voices on sport as medicine and on the science of exercise, has published a handbook on optimal hydration conditions when doing sport. A good way to measure your hydration status is to weigh yourself before and after physical activity.

Weight loss is likely to result from fluid loss so drinking enough to replenish those fluid losses will maintain proper hydration. A loss of more than 1% of body weight already indicates dehydration while more than 5% indicates serious dehydration. Here are the reference values:

% of Body Weight
Well hydrated: -1 to + 1%
Minimum dehydration: -1 to -3%
Significant dehydration: -3 to -5%
Severe dehydration> -5%
Water for the sport4

Sport is good for you

Practicing sports activities is good for the body, mind and spirit. Everyone can find the sport they like best, whether it's taking a walk along the river, going to the mountains, taking a bike ride or a game of soccer with office colleagues. So if you are an active person, congratulations keep it up. If you are lazy try it and you will not regret it, you will immediately see benefits for the body and for health

Sport is discipline

But not only that, it improves mood, character and allows you to make new friends. Sport also teaches to respect the rules, as it must be practiced with responsibility towards oneself and others, following the principles of loyalty and collaboration

Water for the sport5
Water for the sport6

Frasassi Water and Sports

We here at Frasassi believe that sports play an important role in one’s psychological-physical development, this is why we want to support those who practice them. Thanks to our support along with their dedication, sport enthusiasts will be able to reach increasingly higher goals.
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