R.Pet 50%

“Green” Packaging that is Ahead of the Times

We have decided to get a head start on the new upcoming laws, by choosing to use bottles made using 50% recycled plastic, which are also 100% recyclable, thus reducing the use of PET of 50%.
What does the Standard set forth?

The new (UE) 904/2019 standard regarding plastic usage establishes that starting from 2025, PET bottles entering the market shall contain at least 25% recycled plastic, with the end goal of reaching up to 30% by 2030. Regardless of when the new law enters into force, we have decided to use 50% recycled plastic (the maximum allowed by law) in our bottles starting in 2020. This is a conscious choice that also respects product health and safety.

50  %Pet ricycled            
100  %Pet Ricycable
-13  %Emission of greenhouses gases

A New Life for Packaging

50% Recycled Plastic for Bottles and Shrink-wrap film
We are dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic in both the bottles and in the secondary packaging (shrink-wrap film), in which the bottles are wrapped. We have chosen to use 50% recycled plastic: 50% RePET in the bottles and 50% of EcoFilm for the shrink-wrap film.
100% Recyclable
Every single element of the new packaging has been developed and conceived in view of a circular economy, and for this reason each element of the packaging is 100% recyclable. PET is a noble plastic which, if not dispersed in the environment, can have a second life, giving rise to new bottles countless times. We support the correct use and recycling of the same: we do not waste plastic in the environment.
The same attention is paid to the composition of our pallets: they are made out of recycled and recyclable FSC certified paper and carton layers. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is an international non-profit NGO (Non- Governmental Organization), has developed and implemented an international forest protection certification system. The certification is aimed at the proper management of forests, as well as the traceability of the products derived from them. The FSC logo guarantees that the product has been made from raw materials taken from forests, which were properly managed according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management and chain of custody.

Production phases

From Pet to RPet

We use the most modern technologies to protect the quality and healthiness of the product

The Frasassi range

Frasassi mineral water contains, in the various available formats, small glimpses of nature.
It is bottled only in PET in the following formats:
2lt natural
1.5 natural-sparkling-slightly sparkling
1.0 natural-sparkling-slightly sparkling
0.5 natural-sparkling-slightly sparkling

Oligomineral water

A guarantee for the consumer

Our certifications represent our shared commitment to protect our staff and the environment, to meet customers’ needs, and to implement systematic management as well as a transparent information policy.

Balance as a Value

What makes our water unique

The word that best represents and identifies our water is “balance”. A very important value clearly expressed in all of its aspects: from the source to the bottle

our water7
Balance beetwen
Water and Nature
This “balance” began millions of years ago, continues up to today and is confirmed everyday thanks to its absolute beauty. A fascinating voyage that has carved the land and created natural wonders. This marvelous ‘balance’ allows the Frasassi water to surface rising from the fractures of the Scaglia Rossa, an ancient rock formed during this million-year journey.
We have adopted a water collection system able to remain in harmony with the environment and the nature that surrounds it.
  • We work from deep within the ground, safeguarding the layers of the earth along with the more superficial rivers.
  • We respect water reserves, by carefully studying the basins and the water formation cycle.
our water8
our water9
The balance of water

Thanks to its chemical composition, our Frasassi low mineral content water, has greatly balanced properties, as confirmed by clinical studies recognized by the Ministry of Health:

  • May have diuretic effects
  • Is suitable in the preparation of food for infants
  • Is indicated in low-sodium diets (thanks to its low level of sodium ions)

Frasassi water is fit for everyone, from infants (because it is suitable for the preparation of their food) to the elderly, with numerous sector certifications to guarantee it.