We use 50% recycled plastic and collaborate on projects that aim to reuse the pet in various forms.

We have decided to get a head start on the new upcoming laws, by choosing to use bottles made with 50% recycled plastic, which are also 100% recyclable, thus reducing the quantity of PET in circulation. The new (UE) 904/2019 standard on the use of plastic establishes that starting from 2025, PET bottles entering the market shall contain at least 25% recycled plastic, with the end goal of reaching up to 30% by 2030. 

We strive to promote the proper usage of plastic in everyday life. PET is a noble plastic that can be countlessly recycled.  It is important to not dispose of it into the environment, but to place it in the proper recycling bins. Today R.Pet is not only present in the beverage world, but also in fashion, accessories and furnishings…a responsible commitment and sustainable choice.


In view of such a commitment, we have created a co-brand together with Regenesi, a company based in Bologna and winner of the “Best Performer in Circular Economy 2019”, which is dedicated to the regeneration of post-consumer products, thus transforming them into innovatively designed household objects and fashion accessories that are 100% sustainable.