Our commitment lies in both educating people about recycling and promoting it.

We strive to help children and their families to fully comprehend their role in the environment, starting from getting to know the territory and the importance of the use of natural resources. The choices we make today regarding the environment will affect our tomorrow, as they involve our responsibility and the consequences our actions will bring about. 

We are currently working on new information formats through the use of digital tools, which facilitate communication, particularly for a younger target. 

Environmental consciousness is a “Process where individuals gain awareness and attention for their environment; acquire and exchange knowledge, values, behaviors/ attitudes and experiences , as well as determination that will give them ability to act, individually or collectively, in order to resolve current and future environmental problems.” The International Union for Conservation of Nature, Commission on education and communication (IUCN) clearly explains the key role played by environmental education as a ‘tool’ for changing behaviors and models through conscious choices in view of  sustainable development.