We engage in education projects, to inform and encourage recycling

We strive to help children and their families to acquire full awareness of their role in the environment, starting from knowledge of the area and the importance of sustainable use of natural resources. The choices of the present on the environment also concern the future, especially in terms of responsibility and the consequences that our actions can determine.

We work on new information formats, through digital tools that facilitate communication especially with the younger target.

Environmental education is a "Process by which individuals acquire awareness and attention to their environment; they acquire and exchange knowledge, values, attitudes and experiences, as well as the determination that will enable them to act, individually or collectively, to solve current and future environmental problems. " In the words of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Commission on education and communication (IUCN) we understand the fundamental importance of environmental education as a tool for changing behaviors and models through conscious choices oriented towards sustainable development.

H2O Academy

We have joined the "Accademia H2O" project, which intends to act as a permanent coordination table between the main public and private actors operating in this area and the educational and training realities of the territory, giving life to more articulated, complex and integrated them that convey not only the qualities and properties of water and the importance of biodiversity it bears, but also the need for its sustainable use, both in the home and in production activities.

Specifically, the training and educational project of "Accademia H2O" aims to:

1. Evaluate good practices of sustainable use of water relating to partner subjects and start a training course addressed to secondary school teachers and accredited for obtaining training credits.

2. Design and conduct experiential visits aimed at secondary school students and aimed at transmitting the water quality of the area and the multi-year cycle of drinking water.

3. Experiment with innovative educational activities for primary and lower secondary schools, using a digital support for comparative calculation of water sustainability.

4. Create school and extra-curricular laboratories addressed to I and II secondary schools in which children will be involved in citizen science paths aimed at the knowledge and monitoring of bioindicators detecting the state of health of water in the mountain, river and rural ecosystem .

5. Create a workshop path for secondary school children, focused on digital storytelling and the co-creation of a podcast dedicated to scientific and cultural issues on water.

6. Design and publish a professional podcast to be distributed on the main Italian listening platforms. The podcast, with an edutainment key suitable for younger generations, will convey the culture of water in the round, starting from ecological and environmental issues, to get to history, art and the economy.