Certifications Regarding the Responsibility Project

A team of experts as a guarantee

A team of professionals has been created to support this environmental protection project, who specialize in studies and research activities aimed at identifying good practices in the field of environmental sustainability. The first results showed some improvements in our production cycles of our Frasassi Plant, thus allowing us to reduce consumption from the first year.

The environmental Sustainability

The environmental sustainability practices that our team of experts works on are:
  • Energy saving through the use of renewable resources and energy efficiency
  • Lifecycle study certified in compliance with international standards,
  • Launch of the PET reduction project


For each liter of water bottled we were able to reduce:
  • greenhouse gas emissions,
  • primary energy consumption
Thanks to the Re.Friends project, our PET reduction program has been started by producing bottles made with 50% recycled materials. The program implementation will produce the following results throughout the entire lifecycle:
  • Reduced use of primary resources
  • Reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases on a global level

LCA Certification

The certifications that describe and certify our commitment to protecting our environment in view of a circular economy are:

LCA Certification
The Life Cycle Assessment "life cycle assessment" is a method capable of measuring the environmental impacts of a product and foremost considering its entire life cycle, which includes the pre-production phases (therefore also the extraction and production of materials) , production, distribution, methods of use (therefore also reuse and maintenance), recycling and final disposal.

EPD Declaration

In 2019 the company decided to obtain the EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration), a voluntary complex procedure certification, which certifies how virtuous the company has been so far, by putting various energy and consumption efficiency initiatives into place, as well as the steps the company is undertaking in terms of continuous improvement.