A Jewel of Biodiversity


The Park is a shining jewel of biodiversity: thanks to its 105 species of nesting birds, 40 mammals, 29 reptiles and amphibians and over 1,250 species of vegetation.


To preserve

We all know that Italy is among one of the countries most rich in biodiversity, however such diversity is unfortunately threatened by many factors of man-made origin, such as climatic change, pollution, garbage and wastefulness. Help us in spreading the importance of preserving the many riches that nature has granted upon us.

Species of substantial value

Walking along the trails, you may encounter species of substantial naturalistic value. When mentioning the birds, we first talked about the Golden Eagle, which is at the top of a food chain made up of mammals, birds, amphibians and crustaceans. During the day, you may even encounter the Goshawk, Short-Toed-Snake-Eagle, Red Kite, Lanner, and Peregrine Falcon, which nests in the area with at least three other couples.

Instead, the Owl, Barn Owl, Tawny Owl and the Long-Eared Owl reign at night. Recently, even an Eagle Owl was spotted in an area nearby the park.


The wolf

After many years the beautiful yet arrogant wolf has returned, but if you see one don’t be frightened. The preferred prey of wolves are: Wild-Boar, Fallow deer, Roe deer and Red deer, who all run away at the first sight of them along their path. Some visitors have even encountered a wildcat or a delightful skunk, in addition to foxes, weasels, stone martens and badgers.

Always beware of going into small underground caverns, some of them are inhabited by at least 12 different species of bats. If you are unfamiliar with any botanical species that you might find, do not touch them, some are very rare and are worth protecting.