The Frasassi Water Spring – Drops of Life


The long journey of water

Frasassi water surfaces after having passed through the ancient calcareous rock formations for decades, thus becoming purified and acquiring special characteristics of clarity and mineral elements during its long journey.


The Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Park has given origin to this water. A location defined as the "green heart" of the Marche, it is the largest protected area of the region, rich in species of flora and fauna, history, archeology and culture.


The Frasassi spring draws its essence and absolute uniqueness from the purity of uncontaminated nature, from the slow filtration of the calcareous rocks and from the geological evolution that has been going on for several millenniums. In every sip, suggestive elements enchant and portray a beautiful and natural experience. A mix of beauty and nature.

Our team

An area with uncontaminated nature, clean air and sheltered from pollution sources, where mankind meets and safeguards the surrounding natural environment.

In order to maintain this harmony, a team of experts has been created who continuously monitor that plant bottling activity is always carried out respecting man and the environment as well.