Responsibly Thinking Towards the Future

New bottle 50% recycled Pet, 100% recyclable

Re.Park = Re.Cycle and Play

When recycling becomes a beautiful, educational and fun game

Balance between water and nature

A journey that began millions
of years ago

Our Manifesto

Responsibly Thinking Towards the Future

This phrase perfectly summarizes our dedication towards the future, which we would like to share with you.
We believe that all together we will be able to better our future as well as that of our children, by adopting conducts based on awareness and responsibility.
Our dedication alone cannot be enough to improve things, it is for this reason that the sentence we have selected holds an invitation to share with you
an important project aimed at safeguarding the planet.
We have chosen RePet at 50%, and we are working on improving the usage parameters
of plastic thanks to specific research projects


Responsible and Environmentally- Friendly

The project ReFriends includes all of our devotion towards shared Responsibility, which takes shape thanks to some key points clearly explaining the goals we wish to achieve together with you. A very beautiful phrase reads: "The land on which we live has not been passed down by our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children”. It is for this very reason that we believe that RePark can best represent our commitment towards them: a project where recycling is combined with play, using recycled plastic elements only. A highly educational and playful moment where plastic becomes a friend to children.


The story of a Family and a Territory

Ours is the story of an Italian family business, rooted in its land.
We still remain a family business today, and this is what allows us
to stay people oriented, while directing all of our attention towards
our company’s future and the environment in which we operate.



A Journey that began Millions of Years Ago

Frasassi water surfaces rising from the fractures of the Scaglia Rossa, an ancient rock formed millions of years ago. Geological evolution has given origin to the Mount Frasassi mountain ridge, where the incessant
‘action’ of water has carved out the engraved Gorges and the extraordinary Frasassi Caves.
A land where, thanks to the safeguarding of The Gola Natural Park, The Rossa and Frasassi,
the purity and naturalness of the Frasassi waters is kept unchanged.

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